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Safe House Wellness Retreat Rehabilitation Centre


Safe House Wellness Retreat Rehabilitation Centre

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Thinking about alcoholism reminds me of a very pitiful scenario I saw on television. It was a small squirrel held in a trap set for it by a farmer. The moment the animal got into the trap, it began to wriggle; struggling to escape. As time went by, the squirrel resigned to fate only to resume struggling after a little while. This process continued for a while until the farmer came by and took it away. In much the same way, alcoholism is indeed a trap if you consider its definition as a confining situation from which it is difficult to escape, and in which somebody is restricted. Medically, it has been established as an illness with its manifestation in a person’s use of alcohol frequently even in the face of the bad effects it has in the life of the person. Despite the fact that alcohol is commonly used all over, it is not without its own dangers, which this article will highlight. This is simply to alert and stop you from getting into the trap Read on..... Safe House Wellness Retreat
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